I Hate to Brag

So I let other people do it for me!

Here is a short list of some of the kind things people have said about the show, and what it's like to work with me.

“Jonny Zavant is a mentalist like no other! His act is, bar none, one of the most entertaining, mind blowing, laugh-out-loud funny mentalist routines I have ever witnessed.

As our entertainment at the third annual SkeptiCal Convention in Berkeley, CA., Jonny was able to "wow" a group of over 250 scientists, skeptics, and fellow magicians/mentalists, holding them captivated for over an hour. Our survey results showed that he was, hands down, the most highly rated presenter of the entire convention, which included a world famous climatologist, a neurobiologist from U.C. Davis, a world renowned child psychologist from U.C. Berkeley, and many others. I would hire Jonny again in a heartbeat!

It was no surprise to find that he is scheduled to perform at The Amazing Meeting this year, a four-day conference in Las Vegas run by James "The Amazing" Randi, someone who clearly sees Jonny's potential and professionalism.”
~Sheldon Helms, Associate Professor of Psychology

Carol, Start to finish it has been a pleasure.  I chose to begin my search for talent with you because of your fantastic reputation for working with colleges.  Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise me that you represent a talented, friendly, laid back performer.  To say Jonny was great, is a gross understatement.  It is so refreshing to work with performers who are not high maintenance!  This wasn’t Jonny’s standard gig, but he “got” what we were trying to achieve this past weekend.  I just really can’t say enough nice things or throw enough thanks and praise your way.  Feel free to use this in any way, shape, or form because it is all true.
~Brenau U.

Everything went very well, As I expected, Jonny was Kooky, Zany, Mystifying, and most important a professional, easy to work with kind of guy. We had one of the largest groups that we've had come to a function this year, including faculty members! I believe I can say that everyone enjoyed the show, and we'll quite likely have Jonny back for the Fall.
-Lycoming College

Jonny Zavant did an amazing job, everyone enjoyed and liked his show. Jonny was so easy to work with and was very friendly to me and the rest of the staff. He arrived early and set up was simple.
-Idaho State University

Jonny was a huge hit! We had a full house (which is hard to pull off at a conference 6 blocks away from 6th Street!). He was gracious and fun and had a wonderful show!
-Texas Junior College Student Government Association

Jonny was great to work with. He got 5’s across the board from our students (On a scale of 1 to 5).
-Eastern New Mexico University


Jonny’s performance had students very engaged and impressed at his mind reading skills.
-TX State

We loved having Jonny on our campus last night. Everything seemed to go quite well. Even the Dean of Students was talking about the performance this morning. I walked in on a conversation between the Dean and a student discussing how in the world Jonny could do what he did. It has definitely given our students something to talk about and showcase the type of things our SGA hosts.
-Pikeville College


Psychic of the year 2037
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