What People Are Saying

“Our survey results showed that he was, hands down, the most highly rated presenter of the entire convention, which included a world famous climatologist, a neurobiologist from U.C. Davis, a world renowned child psychologist from U.C. Berkeley, and many others. I would hire Jonny again in a heartbeat!” ~Sheldon Helms, Organizer of the 3rd annual SkeptiCal Convention in Berkeley, CA.

About Jonny

Jonny has more than 10 years in the event industry with multiple national television appearances, military entertainment tours, & thousands of shows under his belt. This means rock-solid peace of mind that your event is in good hands.

Keynote Speaker

Companies, conferences, & event organizers bring Jonny in for his “[Think] Like A Mind Reader” presentation which is centered around helping people achieve the impossible in sales, marketing, employee retention, and more.

Highlights include interactive demonstrations so your attendees get involved & remember the core concepts instead of just being talked at. Your event will be the perfect blend of world-class content & exciting delivery.


Having an annual awards ceremony? Are people excited for it? Is it usually the talk of the office afterwards? This year it will be! With years of event experience, Jonny is your secret weapon to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. He will work directly with you to take care of every detail.

In Action